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What Is “Authentic Natural”?

This is our description of the food offered at Springfield Farm. It means that no animal by-products, no antibiotics, no chemicals, no growth stimulants, no poultry droppings, no stale snack foods, no chewing gum and wrappers, nor anything unnatural is fed to the animals. Plus, as soon as they are able, they spend all of their time outside in our lush, green pasture in the sun or rain as they would in the wild. However, they do have access to shelter and we protect them from predators to the fullest extent possible.

What Is Certified Organic?

To use the Certified Organic label, farmers must follow the USDA National Organic Program rules. Many small farmers choose not to participate due to burdensome regulations, fees, and oversight.  Springfield Farm goes beyond “organic”.  While we applaud efforts to find a designation for foods that are produced without the use of pesticides and other harmful addatives, the meaning of the word organic has become diluted.  Further, it’s only a small part of the picture.  Springfield Farm seeks to go further than simply labeling an item with the latest in-fashion term.  Instead, we work to take food back to a time when family farms thrived, and the words “trust”, “transparency”, and “natural” didn’t need to be certified.  The result is  a complete focus on your food that includes strengthening of local farms, dignified treatment of workers and humane treatment of animals.

How Long Are Your Eggs Good For?

Fresh eggs from Springfield Farm are good for thirty days when refrigerated.

Are Your Eggs Fertilized?

Some eggs may be fertilized, but all eggs are collected daily, hand washed, and refrigerated. For a fertilized egg to develop, it must be subjected to round the clock 95 degree temperatures for up to 28 days.

What Are Your Prices?

View our current price list. Our prices are very competitive with similar items found in the commercial market place. We feel, as do our customers, that our products are superior in freshness and quality to that available commercially.

What Do You Feed Your Chickens?

In addition to the natural ‘salad bar’ our pastured chickens (ducks, geese, and turkeys) eat a locally produced blend of corn, roasted soy bean meal, vitamins and minerals.